eLong Affiliates FAQs
About the Program:
1. What kinds of products can I sell on my web site by joining this program?
2. Who belongs to the primary customers this program targets?
3. What benefits can I get by becoming an eLong Affiliate?
Become an Affiliate:
1. How should I get started?
2. What are the basic requirements for a would-be affiliate?
3. My Web site is out of China, can I still join the program?
4. How much does it cost to be an affiliate?
5. How do you know whether a click-through purchase is from my Web site?
6. Can I participate in other affiliate programs besides yours?
Run Your Affiliate Program:
1. Where should find the links?
2. Where should I place the links on my Web site?
3. How often should I update the links? Is this obligatory?
4. Can I put your contents other than those you have provided on my site?
Monitor your sales:
1. How often could I check my reports?
2. How often will the reports be updated?
Customer Support:
1. Do I have to reply the questions, enquiries and complaints all by myself?
2. There are so many affiliates in this program, and I am just wondering that how could you tell apart the customers from different affiliates?