eLong Affiliates FAQs
Becoming an Affiliate:
1. How should I get started?
Answer: It's easy. Please send us an email or fill out the contact form, and our staff will contact you as soon as your request is received

2. What are the basic requirements for a would-be Affiliate?
Answer: We welcome all sites to join the eLong.net Affiliate Program. But we reserve the right to reject any application that we deem inappropriate.

3. My website is outside of China. Can I still join the program?
Answer: Yes, you can. eLong.net's affiliate program welcomes websites from anywhere in the world.

4. How much does it cost to be an affiliate?
Answer: Nothing! It's free to join. There are no application or set up fees, and no minimum sales requirement.

5. How do you know whether a click-through purchase is from my Web site?
Answer: As an eLong Affiliate, an ID code will be assigned to your links, by which all the click-throughs from your site are differentiated and recorded. You can check all transaction details in your affiliate account.

6. Can I participate in other affiliate programs besides yours?
Answer: Yes. Participation in the eLong.net Affiliate Program does not limit you from participating in other Web sites' affiliate programs.