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Flight Redemption Rules

1. Flight redemption request can ONLY be submitted through “eLong Rewards” Channel on eLong website, at least 24 hours before the departure time of the flight you select.

2. Points needed for one-way ticket

One way domestic ticket price (taxes and fees included) Points needed
¥500 50,000
¥1000 100,000
¥1500 150,000
¥2000 200,000
¥2500 250,000

E.g. A ticket with price of RMB900 (tax &fee included) will need points of 100,000 points.

3. You may redeem a flight only if you have coverable reward points. The reward points can NOT be used as partial payment. Currently, for flight redemption, ONLY China domestic flight can be redeemed, flights to and from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan not included.

4. For the redeemed ticket, ticket receipt can only be posted or self picked up at our offices.

5. Once the redemption is confirmed, the flight shall be non-changeable and non-refundable.

6. Booking of redeemed flight will NOT be awarded for points.

7. Please submit your redemption request 9:00- 18:00 (Beijing Time), during our rewards team’s working hour.