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Hotel Reward Point Redemption Rules

1. You may be eligible to redeem rewards for hotel reservations once you have accumulated at least 15,000 points. Check each hotel for the number of points required.

2. Most hotels require reward redemption requests to be submitted at least one business day in advance of your reservation.

3. Required reward points can usually be calculated at 100 times room rate, so, for example, a 150 RMB room will likely be available for 15,000 points.

4. A reservation made with reward points only covers the room rate itself. Any fees or charges for extra services must be paid directly to the hotel at checkout.

5. Special requests made with the reward reservation cannot be guaranteed, but will be requested of the hotel on your behalf.

6. Make sure your travel dates are firm. Once the reward hotel booking is confirmed, it cannot be cancelled or changed.

7. Hotel reward redemption services are not available during peak travel seasons such as China National Holidays.

8. Redeemed reward reservations do not earn eLong reward points.