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Reward Points Q & A

Q: How can I earn eLong points?

A: You can earn points by booking non-prepaid hotel or flight successfully through eLong; more points will be credited for online booking.

Q: How is the reward points accumulated?

A: Reward points are accumulated according to the rules as follows

Membership Status Successful Bookings  
ELong member basic points X 1  
VIP member basic points X 1.5  
Elite member basic points X 2  
Basic point: total room rate of a non-prepaid hotel booking, or total ticket price/4 of a flight booking

Q: How will the points be accumulated if I extend stay, check out advanced or change room type?

A: Please contact eLong hotel agent if any change happens to your booking, such as extend stay, check out advanced, and/or change room type. We will update your points as per your final booking.

Q: How can I use eLong reward points?

A: The reward points can be used to redeem a travel within mainland China. That is, you may redeem domestic hotels or flights.

Q: What is eLong point’s validity period?

A: For eLong member, the points will be valid for one year; and for VIP and Elite member, the points will be valid for 2 years.

Q: How can I know when my point will expire?

A: The points to be expired can be checked in "My Account".

Q: How to check my points?

A: Click “My Account” after sign in, or click here to leave a message, or dial 4006-171717 extension 5 to check.

Q: I have 2 eLong cards, can my points combined?

A: If one member has 2 or more eLong accounts, membership combination can be made. You may contact our customer service for assistance.

Q: Can I earn points if I book for others?

A: Absolutely, you can book for others using your member account and earn points.

Q: When will the points be credited?

A: For hotel bookings, points will be credited after you check out and we get the confirmation from the hotel that you do stay in the hotel/s; for flight bookings, points will be credited 24 hours after the booked flight departure.